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On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 13:55 -0400, warlord wrote:

Not having network is by
far the exception, not the rule, so IMHO life should be optimized for dealing
with the common (have network) case.

Are you from another planet, and can I live there?  :)

People's Republic of Cambridge...  (well, actually, the next city over, but
close enough).  Sure, you can live here.  :)

Seriously...while always-available network may be a reality for you,
it's not for people who travel a lot for example.  While many airports,
coffee shops, trains, and hotels, etc. are getting network connections,
not all are. And even if they have it, many are not free and I don't
always want to shell out $5-$10 or whatever repeatedly just because Gaim
pops up lots of dialogs when it can't connect to my Jabber server :)

Well, I travel a lot.  I've had years where I've had status on multiple
airlines.  I expect to finish over 50,000 miles this year, too.   But when I
travel my laptop is usually suspended, not shutdown. I leave myself logged in.
Maybe I'm eccentric..  But this isn't the case that I'm arguing about.

How often do you reboot your machine? What I'm asking for is only an issue for bootup.. I rarely boot my machine at an airport, starbucks, or other place. The vast majority of time I boot it at home, at MIT, or at my office, a place
where I do have network, and the network can be preconfigred into the machine.

The "start network earlier" issue is only about bootup; once the machine is up
and running that's a completely different story, and one I don't think can
change.  Note that once NM is connected to a network, I can logout from userA
and login to userB and the network doesn't change!!!  So NM is already sharing
networks across multiple user accounts.  I'm just asking to make this more
explicit, and make it "nicer" to the users and applications by starting


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