Re: CVS-2-7

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Bill Moss wrote:
> 1. Hovering over the NMApplet icon shows the message
> Wireless network connection to '(unknown)'  (81%)

Known problem, I think what's happening is a race between NM the applet, where 
the connection has occurred, but the code that grabs the active network name 
either doesn't trigger, or there's another bug in NM somewhere.  In any case, 
it's merely cosmetic...

> CVS-2-2 showed the correct essid even though this AP is hidden.
> 2. I modified the ipw2200 driver to bring it in line with Wext by 
> setting a value for
> max_qual->noise. iwlist shows two AP's one with a level of -50 dBm and 
> one with a level of -63 dBm. Dan's new calculation would translate this 
> into 65% and 51% respectively. What the progress bar is displaying is 
> 51%. Both these AP's have the same essid but it is hidden.

The applet will only show one entry for any particular ESSID at this time...  I 
guess we should probably pick the highest strength that's reported for a 
particular ESSID at any given time though.


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