Re: debugging lack of link events

Quoting Kay Sievers <kay sievers vrfy org>:

It's "lshal". hal-device is a special tool recently added to the latest
HAL, you should not need it.

Thank you, Kay.

[warlord cliodev ~]$ lshal | grep eth0
lshal version 0.4.7
 net.linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/class/net/eth0'  (string)
 net.interface = 'eth0'  (string)

Granted, I've since rebooted and at the moment everything is working just fine,
and immediate tests are working, too..  But I'm fairly sure it'll stop working
tomorrow after two suspend/resume cycles and swapping over to 802.11 for a
while overnight.

I wish I knew why it failed _sometimes_ and not _always_. Seems fishy to me. :(


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