managing preferred networks

So a while back apparently Comcast was down in my area, but I didn't
know that, so I kept trying a bunch of different wireless networks
instead of the one I normally use.  I successfully associated with most
of them, but of course internet access didn't work (so I then tried
another, until I figured out that the Internet was broken in general).

The result is that all of them are in my preferred networks list, and it
seems kind of random which one NetworkManager chooses to associate with
when I get home and unsuspend my laptop.  The problem is that some of
them are slower or nonfunctional altogether.

I'd like a way to tell NM that those networks are crap, forget about
them.  I guess I could use gconf-editor...but presumably we want a real
way to handle this situation?

One possible approach would be to have a fullblown dialog/window appear
when you click on the icon instead of the menu.  The dialog would have a
button like "Remove" for the preferred list.

Somewhat related - we should probably differentiate preferred networks
somehow in the dropdown list as it is now too.  This would be essential
for the dialog too.

Thinking about this a bit more, maybe another alternative is to have an
internal "priority" for networks (does this already exist?).  If I
choose a different network immediately (say 10 seconds) after NM
associates with one in my preferred list, the priority of the previously
chosen one drops.  If I do this enough, maybe it drops off the preferred
list altogether.

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