Re: debugging lack of link events

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 11:45 -0400, Derek Atkins wrote:

> How do I tell?

$ hal-device | grep eth0

> >> Now that I know where to look and I can see if the netlink socket 
> >> needs to get
> >> reset after a resume..
> >
> > I have an e1000 and it works fine after resume..
> What version of NM?  I'm using STABLE_0_3 on FC3.


> One reason I'm not sure it's NM is that restarting NM doesn't fix the 
> problem. That's why I'm thinking it's HAL or dbus.  But even when I 
> restart NM it knows
> there's an eth0 device and initializes it.  But it doesn't notice link after a
> suspend/resume.  This is also true if I unload the driver...  :(

Yah, it might not be NM... but I don't think its HAL, because those
things don't do the link monitoring.  If NM can see the device, then all
of that is working.

It could be the driver, getting stuck.  Although I guess it is possible
that NM is not properly handling the link monitoring netlink socket.
But, as I said, it works for me with the same NIC.

Dan, anything change in nm-netlink-monitor.c between STABLE_0_3 and

	Robert Love

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