Re: [Nemiver-list] Re: A few more issues and ideas

On 10/10/06, dodji Seketeli <dodji domain hid> wrote:
Hello Jonner,

Well, that's weird. Does that happen on every single lines ? or is
there a pattern of lines where that happens ? I mean, gdb not breaking
on file:line, that's a serious problem. Do you compile with
optimization turned on ?



Well, when playing around with the new breakpoint list view last
night, I set a bunch of breakpoints in different places and some of
these actually broke.  woohoo! So I'm guessing it was probably a
matter of optimization doing some weird things and me picking just the
wrong lines to test breakpoints at.  Sorry to alarm everyone.  If I
notice any other problems in the future, I'll look into them, but for
now I'm going to assume this is not an issue.


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