[Nemiver-list] A few more issues and ideas

I just wanted to send these to the list so that I don't forget about them:

[1] session paths: when you start a debug session from the commandline
(e.g. nemiver ../path/to/executable), nemiver stores the exact path
you entered in the attributes table (i.e. the programname property).
This means that if you want to execute that session later, you need to
start nemiver from the exact same location you started it earlier or
it won't be able to find the executable.  So we should really store
the absolute path to the executable in the database so that executing
a saved session isn't dependant on where you start nemiver from.  I'll
work on that.
[2] breakpoints: I'm having some issues with breakpoints.
Essentially, if I put a breakpoint anywhere outside the main function,
it doesn't seem to actually break...  I'll try to investigate what the
actual situation is a bit better.
[3] We should add a notebook tab for displaying a list of breakpoints
(and eventually be able to remove / disable / enable them using that
list.  Enabling / disabling breakpoints would also require another
field added to the breakpoints table in the DB specifying whether it's
enabled or not).  I'll work on this if nobody gets to it before I do.
[4] I already mentioned this to Dodji on IRC, but it'd be nice to be
able to copy/paste the stack trace (so that you can attach it to bug
reports, etc).  I can work on this as well.


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