Re: [Nemiver-list] Re: A few more issues and ideas

Hello Jonner,

Well, that's weird. Does that happen on every single lines ? or is
there a pattern of lines where that happens ? I mean, gdb not breaking
on file:line, that's a serious problem. Do you compile with
optimization turned on ?



On 10/10/06, Jonathon Jongsma <jonathon jongsma domain hid> wrote:
On 10/7/06, Jonathon Jongsma <jonathon jongsma domain hid> wrote:
> I just wanted to send these to the list so that I don't forget about them:
> [2] breakpoints: I'm having some issues with breakpoints.
> Essentially, if I put a breakpoint anywhere outside the main function,
> it doesn't seem to actually break...  I'll try to investigate what the
> actual situation is a bit better.

Well, I looked at it a little bit closer and it appears that it may be
an issue with my version of gdb.  If I run plain gdb on agave, it
behaves the same way, which is as follows:

file, line 110:

if I issue the following command:
 `break srand`
and then `run`, it breaks as expected on line 110 (after breaking a
couple times in the library initialization)

on the other hand, if I issue the following command:
and then `run`, the debugger never breaks and just runs to completion

So it appears that my version of gdb is having trouble with file:line
breakpoints.  I'll attach a log from the following command as well, in
case anybody finds it interesting:
`nmv_log_domains="gdbmi-output-domain" nemiver > out.log`


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