Re: To be able to select files using mouse like in previos nautilus versions.

On Sun, 2018-06-03 at 11:14 +0200, Just Dust wrote:
Thanks for answering, I tested in other ubuntu 18.04 installs and
seems is disabled by default so by now no worries.

But apart of this problem selecting files with mouse, I also found
another problem with experimental view, and it was that in this
experimental mode, in "icon mode" the "miniatures or previews" are
gone for files bigger than 4Mb (or the setup you had) so big files
have no preview, even id preview all files is checked.

In preferences, under “Search & Preview” (or whatever the equivalent in
your locale is), there should be a setting for the upper size bound for
thumbnailable files. Does it happen to be set to 4 megabytes? If no and
thumbnails are generated for larger files in the non-experimental view,
then I would call that a bug. In that case, feel free to create an
issue in our GitLab instance at

I tell you all these just in case is useful for you devs.


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