Re: To be able to select files using mouse like in previos nautilus versions.

On Sun, 2018-06-03 at 10:35 +0200, Just Dust wrote:
Now, in a folder with files, if try to select some files it jsut
donesn't work.

If you could clarify what version you refer to as “now”, it would help
everyone involved understand your problem.

In the past using icon mode view i could click somewhere and select a
squre with files inside.

Have you enabled experimental views in preferences?

This change makes impossible to select files with mouse, so the only
way is use keyboard, I think is a step back.

Which change?

why i can't select files anymore with my mouse?

In nautilus in ubuntu 16.04 and before i could select an area and the
files inside the area can be selected, is very usefull when you don't
have a keyboard, or you need to do this process fast instead of
choose files one by one with mouse + keyboard.


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