Re: Can the Places side panel be told to ignore certain partitions?

Quoth Tomas Bzatek <tbzatek redhat com>:
> we're showing all mounts from /media and your homedir by default. If you want
> to hide your custom mounts, move them to /mnt.


> Displaying the device twice might be a bug, or not if information
> differ. Something may change the device path (UUID=... here), fs type or the
> mount point. I'd guess the escaped space in "FAT\040storage" makes some
> troubles.  Can you please try changing the name (e.g. use underscore) and
> file a bug in on the gvfs module if it helps?

It doesn't help.

The behaviour I experience is this:

gvfs seems to perform it's own independent device scan and it shows all
mountable devices found (identified by their disk label).

*In addition* to this independent device scan, it also shows devices
corresponding to fstab entries (identified by their future mount points).

This explains why FAT\040storage (or FAT_storage) always appears twice.

I therefore have no option but to use mnt/ as you suggest, as I have to include
an fstab entry if the partition is to be mountable by ordinary users.

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