Can the Places side panel be told to ignore certain partitions?

Hi list,

I'm using nautilus 2.30.1 under Debian.

I've split my hard disk into multiple partitions.

One such partition is called 'FAT storage'.

The following entry in /etc/fstab:

 UUID=****-**** /media/FAT\040storage vfat user,noauto 0 0

makes it user-mountable on "/media/FAT storage" and I automatically mount it
every time *as an ordinary user* using the following crontab entry:

 @reboot mount /media/FAT\ storage

What does this have to do with Nautilus?

Well, the 'Places' side panel now displays "FAT storage" twice.  (See attached
screenshot if it hasn't been stripped).

I know nautilus tries to make the mounting and unmounting of drives as easy as
pssible, but in this case I'd like it to ignore "FAT storage" as I'm
auto-mounting it using the method described above.

Is there any way of telling nautilus this?

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