Re: Simplified Nautilus (with less chrome)

On Do, 21.01.2010 10:57, Marcus Carlson wrote:

>As I've not seen the code yet I do believe that the toolbar editor will 
>have less "control" over the widgets now that the places widget is 
>outside of the normal toolbar and inside the file viewer instead, making 
>the simplifications by DanRabbit (and others) impossible without 
>touching the code. We could of course add a places widget to the toolbar 
>as well and have a setting to show the other places widget inside the 
>file viewer or not, but that isn't ideal.

I was thinking along these lines, too. The toolbar editor could have a
three-way radio setting:
(1) location bar above directory view in its own bar
(2) location bar in toolbar
(3) location bar above directory view only when in split-view mode

(1) would be current behaviour.
(2) would result in what the Simplified Nautilus patch had. In split
view mode, the bar would display the location of the currently active
pane. It's surely not ideal to not see what location the inactive bar
represents, but obviously, that's what some users want.
(3) would be a compromise of (1) and (2), with the UI-glitch of
on-the-fly widget moving which is always a bit ugly.


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