Re: Licensing for Nautilus extensions

On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 11:20 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Alexander:
> > We've never thought much about this. Extensions are only linked to a
> > LGPL library, but that is a very thin API that redirects to the
> > implementation which is mainly GPL. I think this means that the
> > extensions have to be GPL or at least GPL compatible, but IANAL.
> Since this is a public integration point, it seems the documentation
> should make this a bit more clear.  At the very least, it should be
> documented that extensions link against LGPL, so a plugin shouldn't
> be written with a LGPL incompatible license seems the sort of minimal
> documentation that would be useful.  Should there be something like
> a COPYING.PLUGINS file that could make this more clear?

I added this:

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