Re: Nautilus closing and restarting unexpectedly

2008/9/14 Johannes Bauer <dfnsonfsduifb gmx de>
ritz schrieb:

According, the fix is in glib 2.17.5 and newer, last is

Let me know, if this helps.

Alright, I will. Annoyingly, this newer glib-version is not yet in the Gentoo Portage tree at all, so I'll have to assemble an own build - I don't know if I will succeeed. In any case, I'll report back. Worst case scenario is that I'll just have to wait until 2.17.5 or up is in the tree.

When I used gentoo, in this cases I downloaded the patch and put it in the files dir of ebuild in question, here glib, then I edited the ebuild to incorporate that patch, then I just re-emerge glib package.. Well firstly copy the glib ebuild dir to your overlay, so you have confidence your changes wont be overwrited in the next update.

I also remember you have to run a "ebuild $package manifest" or something like that so the ebuild recognizes the new patch file you've put in 'files' dir.. sorry I don't remember well the commands...

You can download the patch in question here:

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