Re: Nautilus closing and restarting unexpectedly

Johannes Bauer schrieb:
ritz schrieb:

According, the fix is in glib 2.17.5 and newer, last is

Let me know, if this helps.

Alright, I will. Annoyingly, this newer glib-version is not yet in the Gentoo Portage tree at all, so I'll have to assemble an own build - I don't know if I will succeeed. In any case, I'll report back. Worst case scenario is that I'll just have to wait until 2.17.5 or up is in the tree.

OK, I'll just have to wait until Gentoo folks put it in the tree. I just tried using the 2.16.5 ebuild for version 2.17.5, which immediately died on me upon requesting some patch. As I do have little to none knowledge about glib internals and why they need patching to compile on Gentoo, I'll just leave my fingers off the package and hold still until it magically appears from the portage tree. Then I can tell you whether or not it actually works.

Kind regards,

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