Re: automounting / autorunning

On Thu, 2008-01-17 at 14:28 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> > This fixes a bug where the returned GIcon isn't reffed.
> It shouldn't ref it. (See previous discussion on gtk-devel-list on
> getters vs refing for details.)

Oh, ok. A bit confusing. Anyway, if we don't do this we need to remove
the g_object_unref(icon) call in src/nautilus-x-content-bar.c around
line 116.

> The startup automount list is kinda ugly. I'm switching this to a user
> data property.

OK, sorry, I should have thought of that.

> Also, the way you detect content types is not really nice. You're doing
> sync I/O to find things like the enclosing volume, etc, which is a major
> no-no in Nautilus. And having a separated out call for getting some
> information about files instead of using the Nautilus i/o machinery is
> also pretty weird. I'll try to fix this up.

Yeah, sorry about that. The Nautilus code base is huge and it's hard to
find my way around it. Is there anything I can do to help / you need me
to do?

> Having virtual locations like the desktop is a major piece of pain. No
> other app can access this, the URI scheme is unknown to all other apps,
> and it generally needs lots of special casing all over the nautilus
> codebase to work. 
> If there is something we require to do for this we should try to add
> that to gio so we can implement it in computer:/// instead.

OK, let's worry about that for the next cycle. 

The reason I brought it was because I couldn't easily figure out how to
get the GMount for a file in computer:///. E.g. in libnautilus-private/
there's this TODO:

	/* TODO: handle files in computer:///. 
	 * Also need to handle those in libnautilus-private/nautilus-program-choosing.c:nautilus_launch_application()
	 * These NautilusFile instances are of class NautilusVFSFile.. URI is 'computer:///'

I must admit I'm not sure how to handle that... the output


is even when double clicking a mounted volume in the CF drive. Thoughts?

Also, there's a few TODO's left in my (now committed) patches to only to
do this local mounts. How do I find out if this is the case?

Btw, now that the code is in I've filed a bunch of bugs against apps to
support x-content/*. See

for the tracker bug.


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