Quick-find borked by using sidebar

Fact #1: I love the shortcuts sidebar
Fact #2: I love to locate files by typing the first few letters
Fact #3: Facts 1 & 2 don't work well together. This is because when you
double-click a folder in the sidebar, the sidebar (naturally!) captures
focus. When I immediately start typing a few letters to open further
files or folders, I find myself locating items within the sidebar
itself. This may be useful to someone, but not to me. I propose Nautilus
adopt the behavior of Thunar and Mac OS X's Finder, where opening a
folder from the sidebar sends focus right back to the folder view. In
the event the user actually wanted to locate an item within the sidebar,
perhaps s/he could click some white-space first. I believe my usage
scenario is more common than the latter. (If you've got so many
shortcuts that you can't find them all, perhaps they aren't really
SHORTcuts at all...)

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