Re: copy paste filenames

I proposed a similar enhancement a while ago where it would prompt you before automatically renaming the files.

A third option called "Rename Original(s)", along side the existing "Keep" and "Replace" buttons would be added to the dialog box.  I actually figured out where in the source, that modification should be made (in the handle_transfer_overwrite() function of ./libnautilus-private/nautilus-file-operations.c), but I couldn't figure out how to run the nautilus version that I compiled my changes into.

I also think it would make sense if there is only one file being replaced, that the "rename" mode would be entered for the original file, with the suffix "(original)" appended before the file extension.  In this state the filename text would be highlighted so you could modify it, or press Enter to get out of "renaming" mode and accept the "(orig)"-appended name.

This was my bug report:

On 5/10/07, David Hopkins <hopkins81 gmail com> wrote:
Hi guys!

I'd really like a script that when I go to paste a set of files into a
directory where there already exist files of the same name,
automatically rename the files so as not to overwrite the originals.
Does such a thing exist?


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