Re: Quick-find borked by using sidebar

On Thu, 2007-05-10 at 07:25 -0500, Tim Burnham wrote:
> Fact #1: I love the shortcuts sidebar
> Fact #2: I love to locate files by typing the first few letters
> Fact #3: Facts 1 & 2 don't work well together. This is because when you
> double-click a folder in the sidebar, the sidebar (naturally!) captures
> focus. When I immediately start typing a few letters to open further
> files or folders, I find myself locating items within the sidebar
> itself. This may be useful to someone, but not to me. I propose Nautilus
> adopt the behavior of Thunar and Mac OS X's Finder, where opening a
> folder from the sidebar sends focus right back to the folder view. In
> the event the user actually wanted to locate an item within the sidebar,
> perhaps s/he could click some white-space first. I believe my usage
> scenario is more common than the latter. (If you've got so many
> shortcuts that you can't find them all, perhaps they aren't really
> SHORTcuts at all...)

So. I played around with the current handling a bit. For me it doesn't
really act like you say (assuming by "shortcuts" you mean the tab called
"Places" in the ui. 

I wouldn't say its acting in an ideal way though.
Here is what i see (in double click mode):

When i (single) click on a location in the sidebar it gets selected, but
not loaded. However, the sidebar doesn't get keyboard focus, so i can't
keyboard navigate.

If i double-click on the sidebar the directory is loaded, and keyboard
focus is on the file view, so typeahead finds the right file.

The only way to get keyboard focus at all on the sidebar is to mess
around with tab and the arrow keys. And when i then double click or
press enter to select a directory i get focus in the file view. Using
keynav like this is the only way I can get typeahead in the places tab,
and that doesn't seem to actually work (i.e. it doesn't find anything).

I wonder why it behaves differently for me. But clearly its not ideal.
Would be interesting for someone to look at.

I think focusing on the file view when loading a directory is ok, but
single clicking on the places list should keyboard focus that and
support typeahead search there.

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