Re: Suggestion: The option to open a folder in a New Tab instead of a New Window.

I've tried compiz/beryl on my hardware. Nothing doing. The vid card just isn't up to it. Do you think that metacity will fade out then?

Still probably easier just to use pcmanfm.:-)

I might play with a patch for nautilus. That's the app that's bugging me. No other.



Xavier Bestel wrote:
On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 22:57 +1000, Mark Thiele wrote:

As metacity works so well with gnome, would a metacity patch be a
better idea do you think? It could be a lot harder to code than
introducing tabs to a particular app only. Tabs suit some types of
apps far better than others. Browsers, editors (including ooffice) and
the like would be the biggest winners. What do you think?

I think nowadays metacity is a bit of a dead-end, as I've seen compiz
(well, beryl) work on quite low-end hardware, but if that's what you're
at ease with why not.
You'd better ask advice on metacity-list.



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