Re: Suggestion: The option to open a folder in a New Tab instead of a New Window.

There is nothing wrong in not being everything to everyone.

True, but you don't have to be a power user to want to have access multiple files in multiple directories all at once.

There is a cost that all users have to bear when you add complex
features to the UI, so for each feature its a tradeoff you have to make
between how it affects the majority of users and how much it gains the
people who use the feature.
I would suggest that most users would not be calling for tabs, as they have not had the opportunity to use them before in a file browser. There is nothing to stop it being a preference option. I would also suggest that it may become quite popular if it were offered in an obvious way. A quick search of the web will discover many calls for tabs in nautilus.

Of course, nobody has done the work of actually implementing tabs and
designing the user interaction model. So perhaps its possible to do it
such that it doesn't affect the non-tab-user much and doesn't cause too
much strain on the rest of the codebase. If that is the case, and the
patch is clean it might be accepted. But I am not gonna spend time on it
I'd have a look at it, within the time I have available, but do not know where to start. Any pointers?

For nautils it would be different, as much of the widgetry around the
view is context-dependant on what is in the view, so there is a much
more complicated interaction model. For instance, the menus, toolbars,
uri bars etc would change as you switch views. Not impossible to code,
but it surely makes the UI model more complex. Not to mention how it
totally breaks the spatial model (although one could support tabs just
in browse mode).
I never knew there was anything other than browse mode until yesterday! Isn't it default?

I don't know why gedit uses tabs, but I'd say that its more likely that
you have massive amount of text files open than massive amount of
directories, as gedit is often used as a programming editor. So, the
gain there is likely much larger.

If you do have a large number of text based files open however, won't you want a file browser with the ability to stand alongside? I've put pcmanfm launchers on my desktop for this purpose, but still feel that I shouldn't have to go to the bother.
Still, tabs in gedit bug me because
opening a new file not giving me a new window just seems weird and
unexpected. As a causual gedit user I would prefer it to not use tabs,
as I've seen only pain from it and no gain.
I absolutely love the tab feature in gedit, so I guess personal taste comes into it. I'd put it down as all gain and no pain. Personally I hate sorting through multiple windows, so the fewer windows I have open, the happier I am. If you want a gedit file in a separate window, just drag-and-drop the tab onto the desktop and it will open a new window. If you want to take a file from one window to another, just drag-and-drop the tab. I've found it's so well implemented that anyone who uses computers regularly should be able to use it fairly intuitively without exhausting it's capabilities.

Anyway, that's off the topic.

Many thanks for giving me more info to chew on. If you could give me any pointers on where I would start in the code if I were to look into tabs for nautilus, it would be greatly appreciated. It would be a shame to see the gnome base system lose out on the versatility that tabbed file browsing could allow. Personally, I do not believe a user should have to move outside of their base install to do the basics in a comfortable way.

In short, nautilus is a very good fm, but tabbed browsing capabilities would make it better.



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