Re: Suggestion: The option to open a folder in a New Tab instead of a New Window.

On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 08:14 +1000, Mark Thiele wrote:
> G'day,
> As tabbed browsing on the internet as well as tabbed use of various
> programs has become more popular (eg my favourite source editor, gedit)
> is there any possibility of Nautilus gaining tab capability? If someone
> is using Nautilus to work with files in different locations, the desktop
> can become cluttered, or the location bar needs to be overused. An
> addition of this feature into Nautilus would fit well with popular
> computer usage as well as add to the ease of use of the application.

In general tabs has been rejected because they don't really match the
goal of nautilus, which is being an easy to use file manager for
everyone. And for most people its good enought to just use the window
management capabilities of the window manager instead of per-application
special things like tabs. 

Now, I realize that for some experienced users with loads of directories
tabs might be somewhat useful (although I don't think it will be nearly
as useful as in firefox). However, adding tabs would be a significant
restructuring of the code (which assumes one view per window), and its
not even clear how this would interact with things like spatial
navigation or exactly how the user interaction model will work. So,
adding this as an option is a large cost for a low gain for most users.

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