Re: Results of burning with Nautilus -- ///burn and CD/DVD folder

Olav Vitters wrote:
On 4/15/06, Benjamin Sher <delphi123 zebra net> wrote:
 I have just tried to create a Bugzilla account nearly a dozen times. It
keeps defeating me. It keeps telling me that my username and passoword don't
match. I had a similar problem once with Mozilla when I tried to submit a
Bugzilla report. I've been up all night and am exhausted and am in no mood
to continue. Please feel free to submit my findings to Bugzilla under your
name or under a fictitious name.

That is strange. Can you describe what you tried to
bugmaster gnome org (as detailed as possible)? Password is
case-sensitive, so maybe that is the problem? Make sure to copy/paste
the password from the initial email and do not select any space in
front of it.

The main thing is that they hear about it
and correct it.

The nautilus developers already read this list. Bugzilla is there so
that things are not forgotten.


Dear Olav:

No need to. Just too exhausted. Just found out that our PCLINUXOS version of Nautilus is 2.10.1 while your is the clearly much better designed and more intuitive 2.14.1. No matter I actually didn't recognize your interface from the screenshots.

Thank you.


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