Re: Results of burning with Nautilus

Le samedi 15 avril 2006 �4:53 -0400, Benjamin Sher a �it :
> Dear friends:
> I succeeded burning my 3:45 minute (7.1 GB) DVD compressed (to 4.3 GB 
> and copied and decrypted by K9copy. Two things:
> 1) While burning with Nautilus I was completely unable to do anything 
> else. It took up all of my PCLINUXOS system and if I tried to use any 
> other application, it would freeze Linux.
Nautilus-cd-burner takes maximum priority to be sure it will be able
to always fill the burner's buffer. There is some time when you can't do
anything else 
> 2) In the final result, two major VOB files were missing. This may have 
> had more to do with K9Copy than with Nautilus. Just reporting the facts.
> Thank you.
> Benjamin
You're welcome


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