Re: Results of burning with Nautilus -- ///burn and CD/DVD folder

Patrick 9 wrote:
Le samedi 15 avril 2006 �4:53 -0400, Benjamin Sher a �it :
Dear friends:

I succeeded burning my 3:45 minute (7.1 GB) DVD compressed (to 4.3 GB 
and copied and decrypted by K9copy. Two things:

1) While burning with Nautilus I was completely unable to do anything 
else. It took up all of my PCLINUXOS system and if I tried to use any 
other application, it would freeze Linux.

Nautilus-cd-burner takes maximum priority to be sure it will be able
to always fill the burner's buffer. There is some time when you can't do
anything else 
2) In the final result, two major VOB files were missing. This may have 
had more to do with K9Copy than with Nautilus. Just reporting the facts.

Thank you.

You're welcome


Dear friends:

You all know that I went through unnecessary agony trying to use this simplest of CD Burners. The obvious solution would be to

a) drop the cryptic burn:/// "protocol" that is enough to completely confuse, baffle and totally enrage any new user.

b) instead of a small, rectangular folder for CD/DVD, make a BIG BOX labelled CD/DVD files, place it right beneath the "burn:///" location line (or whatever that is), put a line between this "burn" line and the big box and put a downward green error indicating that that is where all the movie files belong (and the big box is idea for all the many movie files so the user will understand intuitively what's involved). Then put the "Write to Disk" buttton (or replace it with "Burn") right below the big box with a big arrow leading to it.

c) Get rid of that absolutely confusing and unintuitive opening splash screen: "No Files Selected". Closed. Open CD/DVD Creator. A truly bizarre interface, the like of which I have rarely if ever seen. Why tell the user to open the CD/DVD Creator. Have it open automatically like any other intuitive program with all options and procedures clearly spelled out in a step by step fashion.

d) You have "Write to Disk" several times in several menus and in several places and it disappears if you do something like try to add your files.

e) The whole interface should be completely overhauled and tested with its target audience: that of a new user new to Linux who would like a really simply CD/DVD Burner without having to check in to Bellevue to have his sanity examined.

Hope you accept my suggestions in the spirit they were given. A simple CD/DVD Burner should be SIMPLE. That's all there is to it. Not a nightmare making an adult feel that he trying to learn how to use the potty.

Thank you.


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