Re: Results of burning with Nautilus -- ///burn and CD/DVD folder

On 4/15/06, Benjamin Sher <delphi123 zebra net> wrote:
>  I have just tried to create a Bugzilla account nearly a dozen times. It
> keeps defeating me. It keeps telling me that my username and passoword don't
> match. I had a similar problem once with Mozilla when I tried to submit a
> Bugzilla report. I've been up all night and am exhausted and am in no mood
> to continue. Please feel free to submit my findings to Bugzilla under your
> name or under a fictitious name.

That is strange. Can you describe what you tried to
bugmaster gnome org (as detailed as possible)? Password is
case-sensitive, so maybe that is the problem? Make sure to copy/paste
the password from the initial email and do not select any space in
front of it.

> The main thing is that they hear about it
> and correct it.

The nautilus developers already read this list. Bugzilla is there so
that things are not forgotten.


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