Re: Nautilus CD Burning -- the file DVD box

Lakin Wecker wrote:
Hi Benjamin,

First off, it should be noted that the new version of Nautilus and the
cd-burner (2.14.1) don't have the "burn:///" for either the default
spatial view [1] or the default browse view [2].  At least, they don't
in Ubuntu.

You speak from your experience as a user, which will bring to the
argument all of your assumptions as to how computers work.  Other
users will come from different experiences and assumptions. In fact, I just invited my wife to burn a CD using the spatial interface, and
it took her under 30 seconds to pull it off.  25 of those seconds were
spent convincing her that I wasn't joking, and that she should just
try it.    She has never previously burned a CD in her life, although
she is familiar with computers as a Mac OS X user.

Now, this isn't an extensive user study, as my wife is only one
user(although I know quite a few other non-developer's who have
successfully used this interface).  But it does show that the
interface is not equivalent to meeting a Martian in a supermarket, for
all users.

I personally think the current interface is very intuitive.  It's
simple, and yet it's still consistent with every other nautilus
window, which is something that shouldn't go unnoticed.   I typically
use the spatial view as I find it more useful, and logical, and in the
spatial burn view there is only one place that will accept the drop of
the files, and it is the correct place.



Dear Lakin:

I appreciate your comments and, of course, one user does represent all of mankind. So, I have had my piece, you have had yours. Let's leave it at that and let's the users in time determine what's really right and what's really intuitive.


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