Re: [PATCH] right-click menu on volume: "Play DVD/Play CD"

Corey Burger wrote:

Is there a good reason not to have the cd/dvd play on a double left
click? I notice that OS X does the same thing as nautilus (show the
files on the dvd, with no option to play the cd/dvd). I personally
think that this is a logical activty that users are likely to do and
and not understand why it doesn't work.
Well, I was thinking, nautilus is a browser, let's be consistent, let's make it browse. But it's arguable, that's why i said it's still open. If it should play the media on the left click, then maybe we need a right-click "browse". Note that left-click on a DVD will browse the files, and for an audio CD, you get the cdda:// gnome-vfs url (but on my computer it's very slow to show up and is probably a "deprecated" UI compared to eg soundjuicer or the cd player).

I wanted to make a patch changing the least the policy so that it has more chances to be accepted. I don't have a strong opinion as to what to do (though I think I prefer what my patch does, the users will quickly learn to right-click). Also note that DVD detection can have false-positives, it's only checking for a VIDEO_TS folder on the disk, it will trigger on any CD containing such a folder (the same flaw is in gnome-volume-manager).


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