Re: [PATCH] right-click menu on volume: "Play DVD/Play CD"

> the media and reinsert it to let the computer play it.
>     Hence this patch that adds "Play CD" or "Play DVD" on the
> right-click on a volume if that volume is a CD or a DVD. Actually this
> responds to a bug where the original requester asked for playing the
> CD/DVD on left click (open), while I simply added the action on the
> right-click menu, the choice left-click action or right-click menu is open.

CCing the usablity list on this one.

Is there a good reason not to have the cd/dvd play on a double left
click? I notice that OS X does the same thing as nautilus (show the
files on the dvd, with no option to play the cd/dvd). I personally
think that this is a logical activty that users are likely to do and
and not understand why it doesn't work.


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