Re: [Usability] Re: [PATCH] right-click menu on volume: "Play DVD/Play CD"

Dnia 14-07-2005, czw o godzinie 23:00 -0700, Corey Burger napisał:
> > the media and reinsert it to let the computer play it.
> >     Hence this patch that adds "Play CD" or "Play DVD" on the
> > right-click on a volume if that volume is a CD or a DVD. Actually this
> > responds to a bug where the original requester asked for playing the
> > CD/DVD on left click (open), while I simply added the action on the
> > right-click menu, the choice left-click action or right-click menu is open.
> CCing the usablity list on this one.
> Is there a good reason not to have the cd/dvd play on a double left
> click? I notice that OS X does the same thing as nautilus (show the
> files on the dvd, with no option to play the cd/dvd). I personally
> think that this is a logical activty that users are likely to do and
> and not understand why it doesn't work.

Because it's bloody annoying if some (but not all) discs insist on
playing themselves instead of browsing, with no obvious way to stop them
from doing so. It's better to have non-obvious (ie, popup menu) opt-in
feature than non-obvious opt-out one.


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