[PATCH] right-click menu on volume: "Play DVD/Play CD"


In GNOME in general as of today it is not very easy to discover how to play an audio CD or a DVD. Of course the CD/DVD will start playing when you insert it in the drive, but if the media was already in the computer when you booted it, nothing will happen and the user must eject the media and reinsert it to let the computer play it. Hence this patch that adds "Play CD" or "Play DVD" on the right-click on a volume if that volume is a CD or a DVD. Actually this responds to a bug where the original requester asked for playing the CD/DVD on left click (open), while I simply added the action on the right-click menu, the choice left-click action or right-click menu is open.

   The patch is at:

As noted in the bugzilla, it is related to the patch http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=308388 to the drivemount applet, also allowing to discover easier how to play a CD/DVD (showing "Play CD/DVD" for CD/DVD media, instead of "Open", which opens nautilus).

For both patches, there is some code duplication with gnome-volume-manager, but I don't know another way. The patch for nautilus was initially written on 2.10 then ported to CVS by copy-pasting, but I didn't try it on 2.11 because I don't have the dependencies to build it. However I'm convinced it'll work on 2.11 too, nothing that seemed relevant changed.


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