Re: DragNDrop to an unopened folder (without springs) and a nice accessibility side-effect

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 10:05 +0900, Ryan McDougall wrote:
> > Well I don't see how you could replace the left-click instance with
> > anything as how is the user supposed to open up another folder?
> The precise point of the change is to allow the user to use the left
> click to navigate with. The pasting comes when you click on an empty
> window.

So if I click a folder to select it, the clipboard is pasted into it.
Not good. :) Also I take it if I click a folder, it will navigate to it
instead of pasting into it. I don't think that this is very expected
behavior, because usually you can paste into folders directly. Maybe it
would be useful, but it does sound potentially confusing to me. Mainly
because the user did not do anything to activate this feature, but has
to do something to cancel it or accidentally paste his stuff elsewhere. 
I'm wondering, why don't we allow the user to use any other mouse button
(which he didn't use to start the drag op) to activate a folder? We'd
practically get the same behavior as patent-loaded folders, only that
the user would have to press a mouse button before a folder pops up.
That's something Orange can't do with their lousy one button mouse. ;)

Daniel Borgmann <daniel borgmann gmail com>

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