Re: Folders become inaccessible after browsing remote locations like ftp, smb

Hi Alex,

Thanks for inputs.

I don't think the bug is in nautilus_bookmark_connect_file(). Whats
really causing the loop is the nautilus_bookmark_connect_file() call in:
if (nautilus_file_is_gone (file)) {
/* The file we were monitoring has been deleted,
* or moved in a way that we didn't notice. Make * a spanking new NautilusFile object for this * location so if a new file appears in this place * we will notice.
nautilus_bookmark_disconnect_file (bookmark);
nautilus_bookmark_connect_file (bookmark);
should_emit_appearance_changed_signal = TRUE;

Does removing that call fix the problem? Then we'll cut the loop, but
we'll still re-read the information the next time someone calls e.g.

No, it does not solve the issue. Its getting called from many other functions.

I feel a better way to solve problem is to check whether the remote file actually exists or not, in nautilus_bookmark_uri_known_not_to_exist(). The current check is incomplete and fails for remote locations. For local files, g_file_test() is called to check its existence, which works fine; so problem is not seen for local files. I have uploaded a patch in bugzilla bug#170761 which tries to take care of remote locations. But I am using nautilus_file_get_existing to figure out if remote file actually exists or not. I am not sure of any other way to know this.

Kindly give your valuable suggestions.

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