Come fix bugs! (Batteries included)

Apparently my recent mail about bugfixing got several people
enthusiastic about fixing bugs in nautilus. This is great news!

However, in the progress it seems a lot of these people have stumbled
over the mess that is nautilus bugzilla. Its full of crap. Old bugs,
amazing feature requests, opinions, ideas, etc. Many of the things
proposed in bugzilla won't even be accepted if you come up with a
patch. This makes finding something to do less than easy, and not very

So, as a help for people eager to help out with the hot bugfix action
I've come up with a list of "obvious" bugs that I'd *love* to 
all have fixed in the Gnome 2.8.x series. By obvious I don't mean they
are all easy, but that there won't be any grumblings on whether the
change is right or not. The actual difficulty of the various items

If we could get all of these into 2.8.x before we branch for 2.9, that
would be great news for all users of 2.8. So, get cranking!
Now over to the long awaited bug list:
(Note: Some of the bugs may involve gnome-vfs fixes)
* history dropdown in Open Location dialog
Add a history of recent locations to the Nautilus Ctrl-L Open Location
dialog. A good place for this is in nautilus-location-entry.c, which
is also used on the toolbar in browser mode and for entering raw uris
in the connect to server dialog

* DnD drop on window should be more obvious
When you drag and drop a file to a Nautilus window the only way you
can see if the drop will succeed is by looking at the cursor. We
should be highlighting the frame around the directory view when you
hover over the view and the drop will be accepted.

* magically use home icon for $home
We should be using the same icon used for the home desktop item when
you see your home-directory in e.g. /home. Note that any magic
filename comparisons this will result in will be called a lot, so
there are some performance considerations here. Don't keep escaping,
unescaping the filenames etc.

* file -> new window 
During the move to spatial mode we lost this feature. It should only
be availible in browser mode.

* '/' as shortcut for ctrl-l
As soon as you press '/', bring up the location dialog with '/' filled in.

* icon text in dnd icon
When you drag and drop an icon, render the filename as part of the
icon used in the drag. At least for the first icon in a multi-file drag.

* scroll to target file before drawing once
If you open a directory large enough to force scrolling, and you
visited it earlier so that it has to scroll to get to the old
position, then we currently render the top of the directory, and then
immediately scroll. We should start rendering at the correct position

* copy file, paste filename in gedit
If you copy a file, and select paste in e.g. gedit, then we should
paste the filename/uri as text.

* tree sidebar timeout before load-uri when keynav:ing
If you navigate the tree sidebar with cursor keys, it will immediately
start loading the folders as you move over them. This makes keynav
painful. We should have a delay here before we load the folder.

* alt-up should select the icon that the parent was
In spatial mode, if you use alt-up (or some other way) to go to the
parent folder, then the icon corresponding to the folder you were in
should be selected, to allow more efficient browsing using
keynav. Browser mode already does this. 
* auto rename when creating new folder in list view
When you create a new folder (or templated file) in the list view the
newly added folder isn't set to rename-mode. In fact, its not even

* context menu poped up by keyboard appear at mouse pointer
If you select a file and bring up the context menu (using ctrl-F10)
the menu pops up at the current mouse position, not the location of
the icon. This is distracting when you're using keyboard navigation,
and the mouse cursor could be anywhere.
* duplicate a symbolic link with dnd broken
If you copy a file to the same folder with dnd, we create a "name
(copy)" file. However, if you do the same with a symlink you get an
error dialog.

* stuck grabs
Stuck grabs are very bad. If you get one, a normal user is basically
hosed. He can't even log out. Here is one i managed to reproduce at
some point: drag an icon on desktop to newly mounted floppy without
write permissions. Before the error dialog pops up, start dragging the
file again.
I'm sure there are more stuck grabs in bugzilla. I got another one
recently, but I don't remember how I got it. Anyway, all stuck grabs
need to be fixed.

* smb://server and smb://server/ not same spatial window
This is a bit hairy. Its likely something to do with uri
canonicalization. When you type both smb://server and smb://server/
into the open location dialog you get two windows. They should be the
same. This problem likely affects other uris too.

* remember last window size in browser mode
In the move to spatial mode we made all geometry remembering be purely
part of the spatial mode. However, thats not really right. We should
remember the last window size of a closed browser window. That way,
when people using browser mode open a new browser window they get the
window size they want. We shouldn't try to store position, or do any
fancy per-folder size memory though. Thats for spatial mode.

* .hidden reading follows symlinks/nodes etc
When reading .hidden files we should only read it if the file is a
regular file. We shouldn't follow symlinks, hang if someone puts a
.hidden pipe there, or whatever unregular.

* dnd in the same folder one pixel off when dropping
If you pick up an icon with dnd, align the cursor icon perfectly with
the old icon and drop, the icon will be moved one pixel
right/down. Apparently there is an off-by-one bug somewhere.

* list view: view -> normal wrong
There is something very strange going on with the zoom levels in the
list view. Picking "normal" zoom from the menus changes to 100%, even
though 50% is the default. There has also been reports of going to
normal zoom with the default changed causing the zoom in/out items to
act reversed. Zooming to normal also seems to cause icon problems. Try
to go to normal zoom in /usr/share/pixmaps. Suddenly all the icons

* Mime mismatch problems
If you get a mime mismatch (i.e. sniffing disagrees with extension)
then you get a warning when you try to "open" the file. However, open
with is meant to work. Unfortunately, in this case the default
application is not availible in the open with menu (its on "open"), so
you can't open the file with open with. In this case, we should have
the default app in open with.
In recent versions of glib, the environment variable
G_BROKEN_FILENAMES and its behaviour has been deprecated, and you're
now supposed to use G_FILENAME_ENCODING that both lets you set the
filenames to be locale-dependent or to be an explicit encoding. We
check for G_BROKEN_FILENAMES in various places in
nautilus/eel/gnome-vfs. These places need to be updated.

* size of home on desktop wrong
If you select properties on the home icon on the desktop, the size
won't be calculated. Selecting it on the real folder in /home works
though. We probably just have to follow the link when calculating the

* Don't default to move when the source cannot be moved
If you drag a file from a place where you can't modify it we should
default to a copy DnD operation instead of generating an error on

* Template unique names needs improvement
If you have a template called "foo.png" and there is already a file
with that name you get a file called "foo.png 1". We should make it
"foo 1.png" instead. This needs to be fixed by making 
nautilus_file_operations_new_file a bit smarter.

* DnD from mozilla is pretty busted
This is perhaps a bit larger issue. I once wrote up how I'd like this
to work:
Also, the desktop file created should have a name that ends with
".desktop". Currently we pick the name from the destination, which is
problematic if it gets e.g. a ".png" extension (you get a mime

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