Re: Come fix bugs! (Batteries included)

Alexander Larsson wrote:

* smb://server and smb://server/ not same spatial window
This is a bit hairy. Its likely something to do with uri
canonicalization. When you type both smb://server and smb://server/
into the open location dialog you get two windows. They should be the
same. This problem likely affects other uris too.
This is because smb://server and smb://server/ are actually two
different things.

smb://server is a link.
smb://server/ is a directory.

When you load smb://workgroup the VFS will generate a list of links,
instead of a list of directories, so that the workgroups and computers
appear with proper icons instead of appearing as ordinary folders.

However when you click on one of those links it brings smb://server/,
with the ending slash, which also has links for each share.

At least in 2.4 and 2.6. I haven't messed with 2.8 yet.

Cristóvão Dalla Costa
cbraga freedows com

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