Re: patch for bug 134420


Am Samstag, den 25.09.2004, 16:57 +0200 schrieb Daniel Borgmann:

> Nautilus is already inconsistent to this behavior, because after
> cutting, a file does NOT immediately vanish. It will vanish only after

Yes, that is a wrong, imo. It should actually make the file vanish on
cut. And there should be a Clipboard viewer where you can drag the file
out if you closed the folder after cutting without pasting, and an undo
action to undo the cut (that works even after reopening the folder).
Hard, I know, but that would be the right thing (tm) ;)

ok I stop dreaming now ;)

> it was pasted somewhere else, so it makes sense that you can paste files
> only once (it acts more like a move operation). I believe that this
> inconsistency was one of the reasons why the original Nautilus did not
> have cut/copy/paste. As long as Nautilus is behaving like this (and I
> don't see how it could behave differently in a logical way), dimming the
> paste item after pasting is certainly correct.

Using Cut&Paste for files is weird in any way. It would require
something like the trash mechanism just in another place (.clipboard).
If one cuts a file, it gets 'trashed' into some .clipboard, and that
would make it even more weird. Sigh.


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