Re: Desktop/Window alignment (spatial?)

Yeah. The middle of the screen is probably fine then.

Too many people are too used to the desktop icon paradigm. :) I think
the best that can be done (and is done) is to give them an option to be
disabled, at which time somebody can make their own panel with the icons
on them (that's what I do).

> Unfortunately it probably wouldn't work quite so
> well for JDS as it would for GNOME 2.6 (applications menu at the top of
> the screen), because it means initially putting the menubar of
> applications opened from our Launch menu (in the bottom left of the
> screen) about as far away from the pointer as they could possibly be :/ 

Not all applications. Just Nautilus spatial windows spawned by double
clicking on the desktop. But you're still right, I don't like staggering
to the left. The windows you open from the desktop need to be as close
to the desktop icons as possible without covering them. Center of the
screen is a possibility, as is indented from the left by the number of
pixels of one icon column.

Or you come up with a really neat algorithm to find an open area in a
desktop full of icons.

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