icon theme configuration


I recently installed the gnome CVS version and it almost works (see my other
message :)).

I have a configuration problem with nautilus which doesn't load the gnome theme
and only the hicolor one. Because of that, all my icones are blank and it's a
bit hard to navigate.
I'm almost sure it's only a configuration problem.

I installed :
- gnome-mime-data, gnome-vfs and shared-mime-info for the mime detection and
  three work fine (the file properties in nautilus always indicate a good
- hicolor-icon-theme and gnome-icon-theme for the themes.
- nautilus.

I configured the following keys in gconf to the value 'gnome' :
/apps/nautilus/preferences/theme (deprecated but it doesn't hurt)

I'm also using metacity. The only bug could be a problem during the retrieve of
the icon_theme but since everything else work, it should work too.
A strace of nautilus indicate nautilus always try to open the hicolor theme in
/home/user/.icons and /usr/share/icons

Any idea ?


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