Desktop/Window alignment (spatial?)

Spatial view is pretty neat. When you open up Windows without a saved
position they default to the top left of the screen, and stagger from
there. That's fine. However, the desktop icons are also at the top left.
So you cover the desktop icons by opening windows. This is VERY
annoying. Windows should attempt to position themselves away from the
side of the screen the desktop icons are on. Users tend to want to go
back to them.

This works for Apple since theirs are on the right side.

So I suggest two possible things:

1) Have a configurable desktop mode. "Right aligned" or "left aligned".
Right aligned mode would put the desktop icons on the right side of the
screen: ala apple, and open new nautilus windows on the left. Left
aligned would be reverse.

2) Open nautilus windows on the right side, or away from the desktop
icons. There doesn't need to be any super smart algo to find the desktop
icons and such, it just needs to be away from the left 200 pixels if

Opinions? (I like the mode idea the best, because I like right aligned
icons anyways and this would be a nice option. :)

Jerry Haltom

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