Re: Desktop/Window alignment (spatial?)

I fully agree.  I am also a fan of the apple style icons on the right.  I
tend to have my windows open on the left and i normally download things to
the desktop and they get downloaded to the top left.


On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Jerry Haltom wrote:

> Spatial view is pretty neat. When you open up Windows without a saved
> position they default to the top left of the screen, and stagger from
> there. That's fine. However, the desktop icons are also at the top left.
> So you cover the desktop icons by opening windows. This is VERY
> annoying. Windows should attempt to position themselves away from the
> side of the screen the desktop icons are on. Users tend to want to go
> back to them.
> This works for Apple since theirs are on the right side.
> So I suggest two possible things:
> 1) Have a configurable desktop mode. "Right aligned" or "left aligned".
> Right aligned mode would put the desktop icons on the right side of the
> screen: ala apple, and open new nautilus windows on the left. Left
> aligned would be reverse.
> 2) Open nautilus windows on the right side, or away from the desktop
> icons. There doesn't need to be any super smart algo to find the desktop
> icons and such, it just needs to be away from the left 200 pixels if
> possible.
> Opinions? (I like the mode idea the best, because I like right aligned
> icons anyways and this would be a nice option. :)
> Jerry Haltom

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