RE: Directory drill-down navigation

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 16:46, joturner wrote:
> >> This is avalible in the current nautilus with a little button on the
> >> bottom of the window that pops up a list of the current folders in the
> >> path and lets you open somthing upper in the path. I dont think this
> >> iwdget is very discoverable (home many people click on a status bar?)
> >> but once you find it, it's priceless.
> >>
> >
> >Yes, this menu is wonderful.  I like the new spatial nautilus from what
> I agree, this behavior is very nice.  Using the spatial navigation with this 
> and the double-click middle button I like it even more.  It's friendly on 
> keyboard users and users who prefer a keyboard/mouse combination for 
> navigation.
> Is there an equivalent to double-clicking the middle button for keyboard 
> users?

Alt-shift down-arrow. Conflicts with metacity default keybinding though
(although that is changing).

> After using it, I discovered what may be an orthogonality issue with the 
> middle button.  I attempted to use the history drop down by middle-clicking it 
> and choosing a previous directory in hopes it would close the current one and 
> open one of the root directories, but the middle button failed to open the 
> drop down.  Is this an error on my part?

Its just not something we've thought about. Would this make sense?

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