Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

> Its also not really a third way as you put it cause we dont need the
> heavyweight navigator for it as an option - even ms explorer is separate
> from the lightweight browser it uses on the desktop. The navigator is
> fine as a separate and more complex app for more experienced users (a la
> explorer) but I actually find my patch with pathbar much much better for
> general browsing. If you haven't tried the patch then I suggest you do
> cuz it really makes browsing and file management really pleasant and
> efficient.

I think that the bottom nav pathbar is a great idea.  You just have to
make it not start at / but use the topologically nearest available root
out of the list of roots in the file/open dialog.  Basically


shoudl appear as

[Home folder] [src]

Is that it?  Oh and it *should* open a new window.

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