Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 00:35, Christian Schneider wrote:

> I think the current settable behaviour of open a new window and close 
> the current one is much more useful.

Thats fine if you like that as I'm not changing the default - merely
giving the user the ability to define left and middle clicks ("open in
new window", "open in new window and close behind" and "open in same
window" are all options for both buttons). I believe in giving the users
the choice here cause its a highly contentious issue and forcing any
setting here is bound to annoy and anger users.

> It avoids cluttering the screen with windows and still behaves spatial.
> If you open a new window with the same dimensions like the current you 
> loose the only real advantage of spatial mode: The possibility to 
> remember folders based on their position and their size. 

Yes but if you want to drill down quickly you dont care about size and
pos. On my desktop I have 6 links which all open spatially and I
remember their positions and thats great (spatial in this instance
really works for me). I can then choose whether to open sub folders in
them in new windows or the same - its my choice at the end of the day
and therefore I can get the benefits of both worlds.

>  In spatial 
> mode you even know where a certain file inside a small folder is before 
> the folder opens.

I agree thats good and thats why i want a hybrid system! Some of my
links do benefit from that but others with deeper hierarchies dont and
lets face it any user is only ever going to remember a handful of
folders properties so a hybrid system is very useful for that.

> The only thing needed is the same behaviour when moving upwards.
> Besides this I really like your enhancements. Especially the bookmark 
> integration and the location path at the bottom are nice.



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