Re: Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!

This setting can be thought of as spatial inheritance - it inherits the
properties of its parent though spatial coherence is still maintained
(so its not a browser clone!).
Its a browser window. Spatial inheritance is so totally non-spatial.
When have you seen something "inherit the physical properties of
another" in the real world? ;-)

All classifications in the real world use inheritance (animal,
vegetable, mineral etc).

Anyhow its optional and intended for those wanting to combine both
worlds. Its not meant as a replacement for the default spatial mode
which is okay for newbies. But its still spatially coherent and it gives
the user far more control over either a pure spatial or pure browser

I think the current settable behaviour of open a new window and close the current one is much more useful.
It avoids cluttering the screen with windows and still behaves spatial.
If you open a new window with the same dimensions like the current you loose the only real advantage of spatial mode: The possibility to remember folders based on their position and their size. In spatial mode you even know where a certain file inside a small folder is before the folder opens.

The only thing needed is the same behaviour when moving upwards.

Besides this I really like your enhancements. Especially the bookmark integration and the location path at the bottom are nice.


Christian Schneider

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