Mega patch to make spatial nautilus rock!


I've added a rather large patch to bugzilla (its too large to append to
this email as its over 80kb in size) :

This patch provides *optional* navigation aids to improve spatial
especially when dealing with deep hierarchies. (None of the default
settings are affected by this patch and everything is optional so please
no flaming from the pro-spatial camp).

A screenshot of the changes in action is at:

It provides the following:

1) optional bookmarks in spatial mode. 

I have moved the bookmark specific code from
nautilus-navigation-window-menus to nautilus-window-menus so both
spatial and browser share the same code for bookmarks. As a consequence
of this, updating bookmarks in browser will dynamically update every
open spatial window's bookmarks (and vice versa) - that saved me some

2) bookmarks with shortcut keys (limited to first 10 entires- ctrl+1,
ctrl+2 etc).

As bookmark code is now shared its available in both browser and spatial

3) ability to set folder actions for left and middle mouse buttons. This
setting affects menus as well so clicking on a bookmark menu (or places)
will use the left click action to determine how its opened. Middle click
action also works on location button and pathbar (when you middle click

4) an open in same window option for (3) above. 

This setting can be thought of as spatial inheritance - it inherits the
properties of its parent though spatial coherence is still maintained
(so its not a browser clone!). Once a spatial window is re-used in this
way it no longer loads or saves properties therefore it wont screw up
any saved spatial settings. This allows you to combine features of
browse and spatial slickly and elegantly like OS/X does. I have set mine
up like OS/X (left click to open in same window and middle click to open
in new window) and spatial really rocks in this mode as it can handle
deep and shallow hierarchies with ease. All in all this hybrid
functionality its a huge improvement over using either pure spatial or
browser modes.

5) an optional pathbar displayed instead of the location button

This is a really neat addition as it also solves the problem of
displaying the full path in a spatial window as well as providing a
slick way to navigate upwards. 

6) Added a new tab to global preferences to easily allow setting of all
these features (default is all off).

I hope this mega patch gets added cause it would be really cool if Gnome
2.8 has this. It will not only make file management a really enjoyable
process but it will end all the criticism that spatial mode has
attracted in the press as well as providing the most innovative and
advanced file manager out there! 


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