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On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 12:28:07 -0500
Jerry Haltom <jhaltom feedbackplusinc com> wrote:

> What about attempting connection to the server as anonymous by
> default, and then, if connection fails, asking the user name. 

Thats a really bad idea, since it breaks class-based access to services
and rights.  For example a lot of servers allow anonymous users to
download , at least parts, of the tree, while also allowing login based
users either rooted access to their homedir, or write access to other

Fex, many ISP's who still use ftp to upload homepages, will give you
access to a minor software archive if you log in with anonymous/ftp
logins, and will give you access to your webspace if you have a

Do not try to be too smart here, you will shoot yourself in the head
since you will comie to the conclusion that its less work for the nerves
to transport pain signals from the head to the brain than from the foot
to the brain.


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