Re: Connect to Server dialog

>> It would be nice if "Anonymous FTP" and "FTP" both appeared as separate
>> services with (as stated above) the username field remaining hidden if
>> the former is selected. That way it should avoid over complicating
>> things (I hope!).
> That's not a bad idea, although it does still kind of require the user
> to know what "Anonymous FTP" is... maybe they could be called something
> else, though, like "FTP (without username)" and "FTP (with username)" or
> something.  But hopefully something better, because they look too
> similar to each other :)

I replied to the head of this thread with a few points, but I'd like to
touch on this other one here.

What about attempting connection to the server as anonymous by default,
and then, if connection fails, asking the user name. Or: Include a
"anonymous" checkbox, before the username/password combo, that
disables the username/password fields.

This doesn't really help in the other situations my previous post
mentioned though: host keys and other single sign-on situations.

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