Re: Connect to Server dialog

On Thu, 2004-07-08 at 20:13, Seth Nickell wrote: 
> Yo. Purty pitchures attached.

Neat... here's a few questions/comments, which I'm sure you've argued
about yourselves while doing the design :)

- I'm not sure how comfortable Joe User would be with the term
"Protocol"-- maybe something like "Type" would be simpler (or "Server
Type", but the "Server" part is kind of implicit from the title and
primary text)?

- Personally I'd kind of expect the username field to come either first
or last, somehow... protocol, server and folder just seem to be too
logically related to have the username field split them up. (And since I
can't really decide what username I'm going to use until I've chosen the
other stuff, last would seem more natural.)

- If you're connecting to an FTP site, how would the dialog change to
accommodate anonymous logins, given that we don't really want to have
them type in "anonymous" for the username?  (At least, that was the
feeling in this recent thread:


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