Re: Connect to Server dialog

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 16:21, Jamie McCracken wrote:

> I would prefer the word "service" as its generic enough and not too
> technical a word.

Yep, that's a decent suggestion too.

> I would prefer it if username field was hidden initially and only come
> into play if its relevant (ie as you say after choosing the other
> stuff). Some services might not require a username as such? 

True, although jumping dialogs aren't very pleasant... perhaps just
greying it out would be sufficient.

> It would be nice if "Anonymous FTP" and "FTP" both appeared as separate
> services with (as stated above) the username field remaining hidden if
> the former is selected. That way it should avoid over complicating
> things (I hope!).

That's not a bad idea, although it does still kind of require the user
to know what "Anonymous FTP" is... maybe they could be called something
else, though, like "FTP (without username)" and "FTP (with username)" or
something.  But hopefully something better, because they look too
similar to each other :)

> Incidentally I did not see an entry for password - is there a reason for
> that? (it should be hidden as per username)

Yeah, I guess the password dialog (including any keyring options) is
intended to pop up separately as required... would be good to see this
clarified though.


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